Leeds Metropolitan University Virtual Tour


Leeds Metropolitan University approached Memorytube Kiosks to supply a fully branded information point to be used as a springboard platform for its Virtual Tour for its 2008 freshers week.


Branding was of particular importance; a specific requirement was that kiosk users were not so see the black surface of the kiosk. Whilst this may not sound like such a demanding requirement, it should be pointed out that there are: -


* sixty pre-drilled holes in the surface of the kiosk fascia above the touch screen,
* behind which the PC speakers are mounted.

* A web cam lens cover that needed to be carefully cut out of the covering material

* A multimedia card reader which needed precision cutting around

The total covering requirement was achieved by using a magnetic laminate, skillfully finished by our signs and graphic company. The finished effect was of a superb quality and one which delighted our client.


The software solution designed by the skillful team at Leeds uses 3D imagery used is stored locally on the University's web site and can be viewed here.


The shelf of the application and the kiosk is relatively short at just ten days, however during that time it is estimated that thousands will use the facility.


"The level of service and technical support since making the initial contact has been consistently high and professional.  The fully branded kiosk provided us with a fresh method of engaging students and their families and proved a very popular feature of the festival.  I look forward to seeing more kiosks around campus and feel confident in my absence they will receive a quality service from a friendly supplier."

Rana Gangari
Project Manager
Student-Centred Change Management
Leeds Metropolitan University


Leeds Metropolitan freshers
using the Virtual Tour Kiosk









Leeds Metropolitan University Logo


Screenshot of the Leeds Met Kiosk software.

Leeds Met Virtual Tour