Vantage Toyota Exhibition Information Pod


The Vantage Toyota information pod has been designed with simplicity, effectiveness and longivity of product in mind. The pod is to be used at a number of up and coming shows around the north west of England, some of which will be held outdoors on the mighty Toyota exhibition stand (see below inset).


Artwork for the pod - iQ Find out more - was done in house from the Toyota Marketing team due the exacting standard requirements of the Toyota corporate brand.


Software for pod was designed by Touchpro Media using a mixture of Flash, html, php and MySQL.


The Vantage Toyota pod was neatly equipped with: -


* Information on the locations of the Vantage Toyota Group sites

* A link to current special offers on the main Vantage website

* A video of the Toyota Hilux Polar Expedition edited by Memorytube Kiosks

* Information on the new Toyota iQ model

* The ability for kiosk users to register their interest in receiving further product info

Toyota Exhibition Stand
The 'mighty' Toyota stand.


Toyota information kiosk
The Vantage Toyota Exhibition Pod


Screenshot of the Vantage Toyota Exhibition & Show Pod

Toyota software screen shot


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