Touch screen kiosk / pod hire: Solve exhibition problems




Touchscreen kiosks used on the Bayer Pharmaceutical stand at the recent Professional Diabetes Conference - SECC Glasgow

Touch screen kiosks supplied to Bayer for the Diabetes UK Professional Conference held at Glasgow SECC

Touch screen kiosk / pod hire will help you maximize your success when exhibiting.

They will increase people's interest in your business and reduce 'walk-bys' (missed opportunities);

engaging visitors with your stand - even at busy times when you're already 'tied up'.

Demonstrate any type of electronic media. Make your business stand out & avoid laptop theft or damage. Get noticed. Reach new clients and be successful.

We also have adjustable height touchscreen kiosks which are more user friendly for clients in wheelchairs and children.


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Touch screen kiosk / pod benefits quick glance


* VERSATILE - use to demonstrate any media websites, slides, PDFs, video Etc.
* EASILY collect information from your visitors
* YOUR BRAND to match your stand or business theme
* IMPRESSIVE way to share your business information
* LOW COST HIRE - from £100 per day
* SECURE - leaving you to concentrate on exhibiting
* HIGHLY effective promotions & marketing tool


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Touch screen kiosk / pod content development


Basic Pod Content
You can use your Exhibition Pod to demonstrate any type of media; websites, slideware, PDFs video and more. You may have your own software that you would like to use.

We can create a single interface to bring it all together on a single page. We can create bespoke content such as 3D Digital brochures which can also be added to existing websites.

Interface Design
It is not unusual for our customers to want to use a variety of media. We can help there too by creating a 'one stop' homepage which interfaces all of the media that you would like to use during your exhibition.
We'll reflect the brand of your business to create an inviting and fantastic looking page. See examples below.


Example interface for the touch screen kiosk hired by Speakmans Construction

Speakmans Construction Interface

Interface used on the Touchpro Media touch screen kiosk

Touchpro Media Interface

Touch screen kiosk interface used on the Toyota Vantage Touch Screen kiosk

Vantage Toyota Interface


Bespoke Pod Software Development

Need to do more? If your requirements exceed the above and you have a need for a specific application we will be delighted to quote for a bespoke application which caters for your needs.


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