Software for your flexible touch screen hire.

For: Exhibitions, Hospitals, Trade Shows, Conferences, Museums, Schools, Business Meetings, Shops & Shopping Centres etc.

flexible screen hireWhat software can be loaded onto the flexible touch screens?
All of our flexible touch screen can be connected to a computer and have Windows loaded onto them as standard. If your software runs on your Windows PC then it will run on our flexible screens.



Keep It Simple.
When considering the software that you want on your flexible touch screen, try and see it from your user's/customer's point of view. Keep the content interesting and fun. If a questionnaire is too long or dry, you may have customers disengage. Also, consider if the kiosk will be left unattended or if you will have someone overseeing the use of the kiosk. This will also affect the content. The more simple the software, the more likley that the kiosk can be left unattended. Consider your clients. If your client group is school, there is a higher chance that your clients will be familiar with touch screens and will be more adept at using one. If your client group are patients at doctors surgery you may have some older users who wil be less familiar and may benefit from clear on screen directions.

Keep it fun.
rent flexible touch screen
Not too long.flexible touch screen rental
Have clear instructions.flexible screen hire
Make it clear when the software is finished.flexible screen rental
Explain the purpose of the software.flexible touchscreen kiosk
Don't ask for information you don't need.flexible touchscreen buy
Thank your users for taking part.flexible touchscreen exhibition

Test the software on colleagues.touchscreen flexible touch screen


Can you design the software for us?
Yes, we can design the sofware for you.


What will the software design cost?
It depends on the nature of the software and how much work goes into it. However, as a rule of thumb, most customers tend to have questionnaires or their website displayed on the kiosks. This can usually be constructed and supplied for under £500.00.


If you have an idea - give us a call.
Whether you ultimately hire a flexible touch screen kiosk from us or not, we are always happy to discuss your initial idea.



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